How Sixfourteen got started...

Sixfourteen started as a hobby and quickly turned into a passion for Oklahoma resident Sarah Brown. 

Sixfourteen turned into a vision of mine quickly after I started selling bracelets on Etsy.  My first job was in my Uncle Joe's Jewelry store in Owasso, Oklahoma.  My obsession for jewelry has only grown over time.  I started making bracelets when I was in elementary school and I would sell them to friends and eventually my mom was selling them at work for me (she still does this...) When I started my etsy store in 2012, I started out on my dining room table in Edmond, Oklahoma- until my supplies got out of hand and I had to take over one of our guest rooms.  I've nearly outgrown my office, so I'm anxious to see where I'll be in another year!


Naming a business is hard business! My Birthday is on June 14th and I am always seeing 614-nearly everywhere I go-on a license plate, an address, my cvv code on my last debit card, our last camping spot, I always seem to wake up at 6:14am and so many more serendipitous moments... So the name stuck.

I live in Edmond, Oklahoma with my Husband and Son-we have 2 dogs, Rex and Buddy.

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