Breaking up with etsy-but we're still friends...

Sarah Brown

I finally made the decision to open my own online storefront-away from Etsy.  I should have done this a long time ago, but I'm so happy I have my very own website-where I make the rules-and keep more of my profits!

It is hard to move from a store that has nearly 500 5-star reviews!! (5 star reviews are everything to etsy store owners) 

I have done very well on etsy-but after adding all the numbers up, I have paid them roughly 14% of my revenue since I have had a shop with them.  That is RIDICULOUS! 

They make the rules, they control the listings, they can delete a listing without prior notice-and their customer service is...well... Not customer oriented. 

I have paid etsy thousands of dollars the last few years, a few months ago I noticed an error on my billing.  I sent an email to Etsy Customer Service stating that I would like a refund for $180 that I was billed for having a pattern site-(which I had no idea I had, analytics showed zero clicks, zero usage) but they refused to refund anything.  After several emails back and forth, Etsy proved to me they would rather lose the thousands of dollars per year that I pay to them than work with me on a $180 charge.  IMO, that is bad business.  

I'll continue SixfourteenOKC on Etsy, as I have many customers that are comfortable with the site and I do get a decent amount of traffic.  


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